Friday, 20 March 2015

i know that i need the gold, but what i love can't be bought or sold

For me the place I think about when I think of London isn't Westminster with Big Ben and the London Eye or Buckingham Palace with the Guards. It's always been Trafalgar Square, and the lions, the fountains and Nelson's Column. When I get to Trafalgar Square I get that feeling of really being in London. Obviously I feel like I'm in London elsewhere as well, but this is the place for me. And it's so beautiful. I might be going a bit overboard with my new-found love of London.. Like I said, I'm going back soon, mainly because I need to go to the archives, but also because I want to go do fun things as well (haha!). After seeing all the ads for The Ruling Class I'd love to go and see that, but going everywhere I'd want to go is a tad too pricey for my non-existent budget. And what I'd love to go see even more than that is Les Mis. Don't think any of my friends are that into theatre, so if anyone wants to go with me in the next few weeks, drop me a line! (I'm serious. Very serious. We can be theatre pals, right?)

(Photos of me are either by Johanna or Jenna!)


Lady parisienene said...

these photos are beautifulll, you make me wanna go there!
Have a great week end

Gail J said...

I love love love LONDON because it is such an inspiring city but it's too expensive to live lol

Irene said...

Ihana valaistus näissä! Toi vikan kuvan maisema on kyllä etenkin sellanen minkä nähdessä tulee aina sellanen 'oi Lontoo'-fiilis :-D

Nieszka said...

Nice pictures! Hopefully I get to visit there someday soon! :)

Eline said...

London is so so great! Yes, you should def do some fun things there as well! I wish i lived in england, then we would definitely be theater pals!

Katie Frank said...

London is amazing!
I wish I could go there once :)
I'm so glad you added the photos cus I see London through your eyes <3

Hoda Katebi said...

Such beautiful photos, per usual! I've actually never heard of Trafalgar square but it looks like such a beautiful (and photogenic!) place! I will make sure to go when I travel to the UK! (haha "when" meaning someday in the future, hopefully!).
Gah I would have loved to join you in the next few weeks--down with classes!

<(') hoda | joojoo azad

Amy said...

Oh, what lovely photos! I would love to go to London ♥
Amy xx

Perfect Imperfections

Zuza said...

Great photographs :) London is one of my favourite cities and I miss it a lot :)
Love Life Every Day
everydaybeauty instagram

Corinne said...

Hehe I love how you caught a bus advertising London to Leeds. Woo!

Corinne x

Dainté said...

oh I wish I could visit it too x( looks really magical tho :)

Meg Kernaghan said...

I have such travel envy!
I can't say I know London well enough, to me London was the day on the trip as a 7 year old where both my sibling were ill haha. But I know what you mean about places and cities, Melbourne to me isn't Flinder's Street Station or Federation Square or even the lanes, it's places in the suburbs that I love and little buildings in the city that no one cares about, and especially the top of the city at Parliament on Spring Street and the Princess Theatre. That's the place that feels the most Melbourne to me.

Ina R. said...

Beautiful photos, I love London's flair! Seeing your photos makes me want to travel to Great Britain again! <3

Kelsey & Kenecha said...

Would love to travel to this place, it looks amazing :) I am loving these photos doll xx


Laura said...

Lady parisienne - thank you, lovely! photos of london always make me want to revisit:-9 and hope you've been having a good weekend as well! xx

Gail J - haha, i know, dear! i was just looking at places for rent, and thinking how i could never afford life in london, haha! xx

Irene - kiitos, ihana! se on kyllä, haha! xx

Nieszka - thank you, darling! i hope so too, such a lovely city to visit! :-) xx

Eline - isn't it! haha, i'm trying to plan on it:-) and it's a shame you don't, sweetie! hope i'll find someone else who'll want to be my theatre pal, hehe! xx

Katie Frank - it is:-) and i'm sure you'll get the chance to go someday soon, honey! and in the meanwhile come and check my blog as i've more london photos to publish, haha! ;-) xx

Hoda Katebi - aw, thank you, doll! and that's strange, haha! you should definitely check it out when you're in london:-) skip your classes and come to london and the theatre, haha! ;-) (i'm an awful influence) xx

Amy - thank you, hun! you'll need to go when you get the chance:-) xx

Zuza - thank you, pet! it is such a lovely place, one of my favourites too:-) x

Corinne - haha, i thought it was funny! glad you noticed, love! xx

Dainté - i'm sure you'll get to visit at some point, hon! x

Meg Kernaghan - haha, so do i when i see your photos from australia, chick! and yes, that's exactly how i feel and what i meant:-) it's all about the little places that mean something to oneself. xx

Ina R. - thank you, pretty! you'll have to make another trip when you're in europe again, hehe:-) x

Kelsey & Kenecha - london is amazing, you should visit if you ever can:-) and thank you, chicken! xx

Arrow said...

Beautiful pictures! I wish I was there.

Laura said...

Arrow - thank you, hun! you'll have to plan a london trip for the future so you can be, haha:-) x

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