Wednesday, 11 March 2015

my new friend bob

Obviously I've not actually made a human friend, I'm not good at being sociable and doing all that. (Haha.) Isn't that why we're all on le internet? And even though I don't claim to be good at hairdressing either, that's something I occasionally do. I had actually planned on doing a post in which I would have once and for all moaned about my hair and then let it be as everyone must be as sick of hearing me complain about my hair as I was of it. In my eyes the over-grown pixie made me look like Gaston (from Beauty and the Beast) or one of those 18th century males wearing wigs. So, I am still in the process of growing out my hair, but I could not deal with life and chopped of the mullet (because that's what it was...). This still isn't ideal but it is so much better than it was! The hair will definitely be kept behind my ear because otherwise I think I just look strange. Now I'm only wondering why it took me this long to get this done as I'm very happy with this. For now. (I'm less happy with the title of this post because now it's reminding me of Twin Peaks Bob and making me uncomfortable. Twin Peaks Bob creeps me out.)

P.S. I'm not naked, if you want to know. Just wearing a tube playsuit!


Kie I. said...

You look great, this hairstyle suits you a lot! I currently have a mane of hair (past my waist) and am not really sure what to do with the thing. I'm used to trimming my own hair but making a big change on my own is risky. :)

Optimistic Existentialist said...

I love it!!! You look great :)

amy said...

My first thought was Twin Peaks Bob haha! Yeah he's a scary guy. Anywway, your hair looks gorgeous!!

Temporary:Secretary said...

You remind me of Maggie Gyllenhaal (argh, don't know how to spell her surname!) So beautiful! x

Amy said...

Wow, your hair looks amazing! I would never be brave enough to cut my hair so short ♥
Amy xx

Perfect Imperfections

Lucy in the Sky said...

I think your hair looks just beautiful.

Krysten Quiles said...

So pretty!

Gail J said...

I still remember your look with the long hair though :) Anyway, I also love your short hair!

Mieke Beelen said...

Very pretty, very roaring 20's. Like it!

x Mieke

New post:

Ina R. said...

Nooo? Really? You cut your hair? Wow, respect! The bob looks really cool on you, makes you less girly and gives you more of a "strong woman" appearance! The photos are superpretty!

Diana Cloudlet said...

I’m so in love with your blog! It’s so beautiful! Great photos & posts!
I’ll be happy to see you in my blog)

Diana Cloudlet

Chic at 10 said...

Beautiful blog!!!!

Please give my latest post a look!!! :D Hope you like it!
Thanks xx

angkisland said...

very nice nad cool...

Miranda | Miranda's Notebook said...

Wow, I'm so impressed you did your hair yourself. It looks terrific! Growing out hair is always so hard - I spent most of my early 20s with truly dreadful hairstyles as I was trying to grow it long. Yours looks much more chic! xxx

Laila said...

I have to confess when I read the title I thought you meant Twin Peaks Bob! Hahaha. You look really lovely! I think your hair looks great like this, interesting to see what it will look like when you've grown it out :) xx

Emily @ Ember Grey said...

"In my eyes the over-grown pixie made me look like Gaston (from Beauty and the Beast)" hahaha!!!! Well your hair looks SO great and you are so beautiful in these pictures!

Laura said...

Kie I. - thank you, lovely! i usually go to the hairdresser's if i'm doing something drastic as well or if i have a disaster, haha! x

Optimistic Existentialist - thank you, friend! x

amy - sorry to have made you think of him, haha. he really is! thank you, honey! xx

Temporary:Secretary - aw, thank you, doll! (and i think that's how you spell it!) wouldn't have thought i did, haha! xx

Amy - thank you, hen! it's not even that short for me, haha:-) xx

Lucy in the Sky - thank you, love! x

Krysten Quiles - thank you, dear! xx

Gail J - haha, i'm trying to work towards something like the hair i had, although possibly not quite down to my waist! and thank you, sweetie! xx

Mieke Beelen - ah, thank you, hun! didn't think of the 20s before, but you're actually right, haha! x

Ina R. - hehe, it's not even that short for me! and thank you, thank you, lady! x

Diana Cloudlet - cheers, hon! x

Chic at 10 - thanks, dove! will visit your blog soon:-) xx

angkisland - thanks, pet! x

Miranda - thank you so much, sweets! and haha, i definitely don't feel like it's been that chic lately, growing your hair out really can be tedious, haha! xx

Laila - haha! i don't even know why it makes me - and apparently a few others as well - think about that lil' creeper! but i'm glad i'm not the only one:--) thank you, darling! i'm so looking forward to having longer hair again! xx

Emily - haha, it did though! thank you very much, chick! xx

Kiki Rampone said...

You are simply adorable and your haircut really complements your face shape! I'm not sure
I could just go for it and lop it all off, but it looks amazing on you! xo Kiki

Meg Kernaghan said...

You look amazing! What an awesome haircut!!! and kudos on the beautiful self portraits. I'm really digging it!

Laura said...

Kiki Rampone - ah, thank you so much, lovely! and i'm quite careless with my hair and chop it off on a whim quite often, haha:-) although this was more like a little trim. xx

Meg Kernaghan - thank you so much, dear! means a lot:-) xx

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