Thursday, 30 January 2014

thursday thoughts pt. 23

This is one of my favourite quotes. (It's Shakespeare.) I first heard it when my mum sent it as a text commemorating my dad's 80th birthday a couple of years ago, and since then I've liked to remember this quote whenever a loved one dies or it's an anniversary of someone's deathday. I find it comforting in a way. The picture accompanying the quote is inspired by another one though; "From my rotting body, flowers shall grow and I am in them, and that is eternity." by Edward Munch. I like that one too.


Krysten Gautreaux said...

Oh I absolutely love that quote.

his_girl_friday said...

Ooh... I love both quotes.

Natalia | Fashioned by Love said...

You are right, it does sound comforting in a way. x

Manhattan Image and Style said...

Such a powerful message dear! Love it!

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Gail J said...

this is very touching! Hope you are doing great hun xx

Marisa Noelle said...

I love that quote...always have. It is oddly making something sad very beautiful. Reminds me of my sweet grandmother who past away 3 years ago on the month :)

Laura said...

Krysten Gautreaux - so do i, lovely! xx

his_girl_friday - they're good ones, honey! x

Natalia - glad that you feel that way too, dear! x

Diana - glad you do, pet! x

Gail J - aw, i am doing very well indeed, thank you, darling! will need to chat with you soonish:-) xx

Marisa Noelle - that is a really lovely way of putting it:-) oh, i hope you had some time to focus on the wonderful memories you shared with her, doll! xx

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