Tuesday, 7 January 2014

going back in time, pt. 6

Dress - Vintage

I remember really liking the first photo when I took it, and I still do. As I still really like this dress. The only thing different is possibly my hair. I can't braid it to be a long tail, but it's grown enough for me to do a front French braid! When I first cut it I couldn't do that as there were always wee bits annoyingly sticking out, and I've been far too excited to be able to braid my hair again. Also at first, I was in a way cautious of wearing vintage dresses with my short hair. But it turns out it looks just fine, don't you think? At least this one doesn't really need the long hair (or the awkward) pose of the original photo!


Caitie Schlisserman said...

love the color of your dress and the detailing on the back!

Lady à la Mode

Tallia said...

The first picture is so beautiful. I love the color of the dress. It's a good one


Tallia said...

The first picture is so beautiful. I love the color of the dress. It's a good one


amy said...

Ahh i really like these posts! The style of that dress is gorgeous, I love it.

Amy x
Everything and Amy

Optimistic Existentialist said...

I hope you're having a wonderful 2014 thus far!!!

HighlandFling said...

Lovely colour and I love all he pleating. Very, very pretty! I think this dress looks pretty with your shorter hair, you can see the cute sleeves and all the pleating better.

Emma x

Corinne said...

That first picture is beautiful!

Corinne x

Laura said...

Caitie Schlisserman - ah, thank you, honey! xxx

Tallia - thank you, love! x

amy - i'm glad you do! and thank you, dear, i love it too! xx

Optimistic Existentialist - thank you, hon, i am:-) hope you're too! x

Emma - why, thank you, darling! and glad you think that about the short hair, good to hear:-) xx

Corinne - thank you, chick! xx

Isabella said...

I LOVE vintage dresses with modern short hair - I think it makes such a nice contrast! This look is very sweet, I adore the sleeves :)


Ourdestination said...

the first photo is great!

Maja eM said...

Love the dress!

Jenna Opsahl said...

Oooo that's a beautiful dress. I love your hair soooo


Laura said...

Isabella - thank you, dear! i'm starting to think so too:-) x

Ourdestination - thank you, hen! x

Maja eM - thank you, love! xx

Jenna Opsahl - why, thank you very much, honey! xx

Maja eM said...

I love those photos and your blue dress <3

Laura said...

Maja eM - thank you very much, love! xx

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