Saturday, 4 January 2014

going back in time, pt. 5

 Blazer&Top - H&M
Braces - Grandpa's old
Trousers - Mama's old

This is probably the outfit that's most different after recreation. I don't own any black pants anymore, and even though they seem like such a basic in one's wardrobe I've never even felt like I needed a pair. I remember buying those black ones only because I needed black trousers to wear as a waitress for a week, haha! The braces don't work with my gray trousers though, as they're too high-waisted. My grandpa was a (fairly) large man, so it's strange that I can wear his braces at all as I'm (fairly) petite!


Isabella said...

The upgrade to the oversized trousers is GREAT. My high school theater teacher made us wear oversized men's trousers (probably 4x bigger than yours) with suspenders at all of our rehearsals - a strangely liberating experience.


Maja eM said...

Great look, super pants!

Maja eM said...

Great look, super pants!

Laura said...

Isabella - thank you, lovely! haha, that sounds a bit strange, but fun:-) x

Maja eM - thank you, dear! xx

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