Thursday, 2 January 2014

thursday thoughts pt. 21

This is me. What about you, are you more of a thinker or a talker?


Isabella said...

Lovely presentation of the quote.

I believe I'm both. My mom says I inherited the "explaining gene," which means I'm sometimes prone to rambling, but I enjoy listening and the occasional good silence, too (Finland is making me more comfortable with silence!)

I think that the amount someone talks doesn't necessarily correlate with how much they think, or with how developed their thoughts are - some thinkers talk a lot, some don't say much at all.


Marlen said...

hmmm i think i'm a little bit of both. i feel like i do think a bit more then pitch in my opinion, buuut when i have a really solid, strong idea i can't help but butt in and say it!

xo marlen
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Manhattan Image and Style said...

I love this picture and the quote! I think I am a little bit of both. ;)

Happy New Year!! <3

New Blog Post: Ways to Add More Joy to Your Days in 2014

amy said...

This is definitely me as well. I rather listen to other people and think about what they're saying rather than actually saying anything. Don't get me wrong, I do talk, but just thinking is better. xxx

Corinne said...

Sometimes it is me! I tend to think a lot, but say a lot always, but I usually talk rubbish haha.

Corinne x

Laura said...

Isabella - thank you, hun! haha, one wouldn't survive in finland without being comfortable with silence! and i agree, they don't really correlate, just goes to prove that you can't know what one thinks by what about and how much they talk:-) x

Marlen - that's probably the way everyone should be, doll! xx

Diana - thank you, love! and happy new year to you too! x

amy - that's what i'm like as well, honey! though, i'm already at the point where some people i know must think that i never talk, haha.. :-) xxx

Corinne - haha, i can talk a lot of rubbish too, dove! xx

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