Friday, 22 June 2012

i can feel it in my toes


I think it was last week (or two weeks ago?) when I threw off my "winter coat" and went swimming. Quite late for me, as previously I've done it in May! Once you start swimming and eating ice cream outside, it really starts to feel like summer. And we also take our summer cutlery out and have lunch out in the garden. And all the nice things! Do you have something that you have to do before it really starts to feel like summer?


Anna said...

It's has been h-o-t here the last few days and really feels like summer! So excited :) Goregeous pics.

Maycie After Five said...

Sit outside with ice cold popsicles. That's usually the indicator for me and my family. Ahhh...summer, I have missed you.

mochaccinoland said...

u have such beautiful lake with clear water to swim in!! i envy u!!! we swim in chlorinated pools here!

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jenny michelle said...

love the beautiful colors!

xo jenny
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Laura said...

Anna - that's so lovely, dear! it's hardly ever that hot around here, but i like it that way:) and thank you! :) x

Maycie After Five - that is a good indicator, honey! so have i:) x

mochaccinoland - it's actually a river, but all the same, i do know that i'm a lucky gal! but a pool is better than nothing, love! xx

jenny michelle - thank you, chick! x

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