Saturday, 9 June 2012

morning has broken

Morning gown - Second hand
Top - H&M
Shorts - Mama's or dad's old
Shoes - Vagabond

I found this second hand morning gown last week and I could wear it all the time. It's so flowy and light and the pattern looks lovely. If it didn't look so completely like a morning gown, I'd wear it everywhere. Another item I can't get enough of are these Vagabond shoes. I'm just a lil' bit afraid of getting them dirty because of their whiteness!

Now that I'm not exactly in any kind of a school and am unofficially unemployed, I don't know if I should be enjoying summer this much. Worrying just isn't that much of my thing and doing nothing particular seems perfectly fine for me. If I'm meant to go to uni I'm sure some place will take me in, if not I'm sure I'll find a job sooner or later! Right now, I'm having a good summer and don't care to know when it'll end.


Rozalie. said...

Amazing blog and welcome to my blog.;)

Laura said...

Rozalie. - thank you, hen! i'll be visiting your blog soon:) x

Aida said...


rae said...

lovely photos. thanks so much for sharing :)

xx rae

Laura said...

Aida - thank you, lovely! x

rae - thank you, honey! and no problem:-) x

Mira said...

Oi miten ihania kuvia! <3

Laura said...

Mira - kiitos, ihana! :) x

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