Tuesday, 5 June 2012

there and back again

Hello, lovelies, I'm back! After a pretty hectic last week, it's been good to just relax this Tuesday. I haven't had time to sort out all my graduation pictures, but thank you for all the wonderful messages you left! ♥ Right after all the celebration (well, the next day, to be exact) I travelled to Turku. I had an entry exam to study classics at the uni there. Don't know how it went, I don't have a good or a bad feeling about it.. Anyway, my day at Turku was really nice. :-) I came from the exam at the same time with this other lassie, and since we both had time to spare and didn't know the town that well we went shopping together. (If you ever happen to read this; was lovely to meet you and I'm hoping to see you next year at the uni;)!) Now that I'm not a complete stranger to Turku, I'll have to explore more the next time. I have another exam next week, you see!


The Braided Bandit said...

I love seeing pictures of an area I have never been before, these look so beautiful! Congratulations on your graduation :)
xo Hannah

Paula Taveira said...

lovely pics*

Sue Lyn said...

Thank you Laura! for the sweet comment you left. You've got beautiful photos here :) x

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Very pretty.

Laura said...

The Braided Bandit - i'm the same, and it also makes me want to travel more! :) thank you, lovely! x

Paula Taveira - thank you, honey! x

Sue Lyn - no problem, chick:) and thank you! x

Krysten - cheers, dear! x

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