Sunday, 11 December 2011

these are a few of my favourite things

 1. My grandparents' engagement picture.

 2. The Royal Coat of Arms. My dad made this family tree of the royals. When I was really wee I thought it was our family tree. Still hoping I can add my name to the bottom one day, with "m." meaning married...

 3. My grandma's old pin cushion. It's like a rocking chair and it's made out of a beer can!

 4. Old medicine bottles.

 5. A painting of my grandma by my dad. Apparently she didn't like it as she thought it made her look too old... What a funny little woman you were! I think the picture really looks like grandma at that time (1997).

 6. My clothes stand.

 7. Canon AE-1. I can't find a battery to fit this! Otherwise I'd love to use it, old film cameras are the best cameras there is.

 8. A vintage lamp I bought at an auction some years ago.

 9. My first Vagabonds. So much love for these shoes♥.

10. An old suitcase, my grandparents' old. I use it as a place to store my diaries. 

 11. My "baldachin". Would be grand to own a proper baldachin one day, but for the time being, I'm contented with this one.

12. My baby frame. It's got my name, weight, height, time of birth and that on it, and there's a picture of a six-year-old  me.


Style Servings said...

Can;t believe you have your grandparents' engagement photo, that is so lovely!

Marisa Noelle said...

Ooh what an awesome list of treasures! I love the old engagement photo...I have my grandparents' ones as well and there simply is nothing more special. And cutest pin cushion ever!!! Hope you had an amazing time at the Paul McCartney concert...I am quite jealous:)

dina vanessa mercado said...

ooohh its so sweet of you that your favorite is your grandparents engagement pic... you are really so admirable!!! great choices of favs and nice your blog, following you now..

visit my blog for my international christmas giveaway!!!


Laura said...

Style Servings - oh thank you, sweetie, it really is lovely! :) x

Marisa Noelle - i know, pictures like that really are special! and thank you, doll, i really had an amazing time! xo

dina vanessa mercado - oh, thank you, dear! you're so sweet, and i'll visit your blog soon:) x

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