Thursday, 15 December 2011

homesick because i no longer know where home is

Jeans - Vero moda
Shirt - Topshop

Ring - Urban outfitters

Sometimes (actually quite often....) I miss last year and being in Scotland. Biggest cons of being an exchange student: coming back home. To help my longing I dress myself school uniformely, basically meaning that I wear a white shirt. It's not that big a thing but, anyway, it does make me feel a little less lost. Also, wearing a basic white shirt is a real time-saver in the morning; you just need a pair of dark trousers etc. to go with it.


Dika Dewi said...

Nice.. :-)

Style Servings said...

Cute photos!

Schnuersenkelrolltreppentod said...

Thank you so much! ♥

The Bootlace

Karin (Wunderlust) said...

Scotland?? I lived there for 2 years and it was so cold all the time xxxx
super cute outfit xxx

Pretty Things said...

u look super cute, love the cross ring


Laura said...

Dika Dewi - cheers, love! x

Style Servings - thank you, dear! x

Schnuersenkelrolltreppentod - no problem, petal! :) x

Karin - i was there only for a year, and it really is cold.. but compared to winter in finland it's nothing, haha! and thank you, darling! xx

Pretty Things - thank you, lovely:) it's really pretty, isn't it! x

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