Wednesday, 21 December 2011

about last weekend..

As I said yesterday, I was at my godfather's birthday party this weekend:) He used to live here, only a few kilometres away from my house, but now he's moved to the south. Therefore, it was really nice to go all the way there and see him. I actually hadn't seen him in over a year!
I wore the same dress I had at Jenna's graduation party. It's such an easy dress! You don't really need accessories because the flower print is quite overpowering, I only had these wee diamond ear rings.

We stayed at my auntie's summer cottage on the way to the party and on the way home. She thought I looked really familiar, and no wonder.. Originally, after I shortened this dress, she had sewn it and my leather jacket I wore is also my auntie's old! I was pretty much dressed like my auntie, some 40 years ago:-)


Katie said...

I really like the pattern of your dress. I know what you mean with accessories when wearing bold patterns/prints, I always think simple is better.

Great that you got to visit your godfather, hope you had a fantastic time.

Sandra said...

Hope you've had a great weekend with your family!x

Lola said...

Ahh such a pretty outfit! X

Laura said...

Katie - that's exactly how i feel about bold prints:) and thank you, lovely, it was really good! x

Sandra - thank you, dear, i did:) x

Lola - thank you, hun! x

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