Friday, 23 December 2011


How adorable are these! Seriously. I've read Doe Deere Blogazine for ages and now discovered her tumblr. So adorable; she herself, the blog and now the tumblr:). I'm dreaming a little about someone buying me Lime Crime make-up for Christmas.. This would be exactly the kind of things my friends would think I'd like, I'm often thought about like this "I don't think anyone else than Laura would look good in that!" and "What weird and wonderful items I'd find in your wardrobe!" I myself can't see my style as so peculiar, but maybe there's something to it.. At least I can't see anyone of my friends lusting for lipglosses coloured like this, like I am. But these are just fantastic! :)



Preziosa said...


Liset said...

Nice! And her tumblr is really cute indeed :)

Laura said...

Preziosa - that it is, love! x

Liset - cute indeed, dear! :) x

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