Thursday, 1 December 2011

first of december!

 Mama and I went to the theatre today to see "The Wizard of Oz". I love the movie, so I had to see how they've managed to make it into a play. It was probably directed for a younger audience but I quite liked it anyway. The costumes were great and so were the staging.

I felt a bit like Dorothy in my red shoes, even though mine aren't ruby red and glittery. I think it's good that they changed the colour of the shoes to the movie (and this play). In the books (which I haven't read..) they're silver but because of the new techniques in the movies, they wanted them to be ruby. In my opinion, red shoes are better than silver! I do have a slight obsession with red shoes, haha.

Dress - My auntie's made it for teenage-mama! (Actually a skirt.)
Cardi - Zara
Knee-high socks - Halpa-Halli
Boots - 2nd hand
Bag - New look

 Hope you all remembered to open your advent calendar! (If you have one, that is.) I was so excited this morning - not so much for my calendar, but the cats' one! I think Cleo didn't appreciate it as much as I do..





two birds said...

i love your red boots! you look amazing in your mom's skirt/dress, too!

Indy said...

That cat advent is tooo cute!

I love your red boots!

The Style Rawr said...

Happy December!!

We totally have a thing for red shoes too, dorothy's shoes were the cutest ;)

P.S Please swing by our blog to check out our 'Christmas Party Look'!

T & J

The Style Rawr- A UK based Fashion blog!

Marisa Noelle said...

Oh I love The Wizard of Oz!! Sounds like quite a fun afternoon spent with your mom. Your outfit is so pretty...that's some great laying and those boots are beauties:)

Laura said...

two birds - thank you, hun! x

Indy - i know! i'm so glad i found a cats' advent calendar this year, haha:) and thank you, love! x

The Style Rawr - happy december to you too! dorothy's shoes really were the cutest, wish i could still find similar ones! x

Marisa Noelle - it's such a pretty movie! and thank you, darling! x

Rachel said...

Oh, I love your advent calendar! It looks so vintage and cute. I really need to get one soon!

Anonymous said...

absolutely love this!
Love your blog btw hun! good work! you have great taste :)
please visit mine! would be an honour!!
It's Fashion damnit

Mademoiselle Leandra said...

The boots are very Xmasy! :D

Laura said...

Rachel - i know, hen! i think this is the best calendar there is but they'te finnish and you can't find them anywhere else.. hope you get a nice one though! x

Lottie - thank you, dear! you're too kind:) x

Mademoiselle Leandra - thanks, lovely, suppose they are! :) x

Elizabeth said...

I can't believe I've forgotten about advent calendars! I need to buy one to count down christmas!

Laura said...

Elizabeth - luckily you still have time to get one, doll! advent calendars are the best way to start the christmas count down:) x

Natalie Leung said...

very cute outfit! happy christmas :)


Laura said...

Natalie Leung - thank you, lovely! happy christmas to you too:) x

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