Saturday, 13 August 2011

as time goes by

 As the new school year started, I needed a new calendar. These Moomin calendars are just too cute, I must have them in my life! I got the older (upper) one last year as a birthday present from mama and this year she gave me the money to buy the calendar myself as an early birthday present. I only wish I had more important stuff I could write on it! :)

("She's the most beautiful creature I ever saw." "Now our transactions won't go successfully...")

 "As time goes by" might not be so relevant, but I love the song. Casablanca is one of my favourites, even I don't really like the ending. It is a bit depressing.




Hanna said...

that's one cute calender!!
I always watched the Moonmins when I was little, they are so cute;)!


Laura said...

Hanna - thank you lovely, it really is! me too, moomins were always my favourites, they still are, haha:) x

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