Friday, 19 August 2011

jewels and pearls

Wednesday's outfit:
Shorts - Lindex
Shirt - Mama's old, my auntie has made it
Cardi - Grandma's old
Necklace - Gift from France

 Last year I had the school uniform, and I love(d) it. The idea of a dress code has always been something I wanted to experience and I pretty much had waited for it all my life. The combination of a dark skirt, white shirt and tie is just so sweet! Therefore last year was great. I don't think any schools in Finland have dress codes, so the only way to wear one is to study abroad.

The school uniform might not be exciting as you don't have that many options but still I love(d) it. I still have this one year of school left (before uni or wherever I get myself..) and it's been strange not to have any kind of a dress code. The moment when you are just awake, standing in front of your wardrobe, trying to decide what to pull on, has never been this difficult. So in the end I often just have to take the first clothes I get to my hand, after looking into the massive piles of clothing for 15 minutes..

Good to text while taking pictures! :-D

Thursday's outfit:
Dress - New look
Bow - From a H&M dress
Bracelet - Dior/Present
Ear rings - Mama's

This week I discovered that I can wear jewellery again. With the school tie it was quite pointless to put a necklace on and nearly all my shirts were long-sleeved so bracelets weren't used often too. Now it should be easier to use other accessories than rings, ear rings and headbands. Hopefully I'll learn to use them all like I did before last year, haha! So many things I haven't used in ages!

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