Sunday, 28 August 2011


Dress - Primark
Headband&Earrings - New look

 It was my 19th on Friday. We only went out for lunch with mama and my sister, and these few days we've had some visitors and I've baked three cakes during the weekend haha. The Primark dress above is what I wore both at school and later on. I considered going out one day for a second but didn't feel like it. There's only two places near enough (ehm, within 30km..) that are "popular" and anyway, I'm not that keen on going out in Finland as I dislike half the people in my town. Seriously, I'm so antisocial!

What I'm wearing today:
Dress - 2nd hand/Diy
Vest - H&M

Today I'm back to everyday and have to think about school again. I have a maths exam tomorrow and you can imagine that I haven't really been looking into that.. But, also, I'll be reading my newest addition on my bookshelf! I bought "The Jane Austen Handbook" as a birthday present for myself from amazon. It arrived weeks ago but I only opened it on Friday and I love the book. Can't wait to finish it! :)


t said...

Happy Birthday! Nice look!

Laura said...

t - thank you, lovely! x

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