Monday, 18 June 2018

project 365: week twenty-four

 162: I started the week by actually being outside. My plan was to do a food shop, but it turned into a whole saga. My usual shop was closed for renovations so I went into the city for nothing and decided to get back towards home to go to my #2 shop. But I ended up forgetting some things and had to go to yet another shop. I actually really like food shopping and browsing in them, but this was too much. Haha.

 163: Just eating yoghurt in bed.

 164: Midnight baking.

 165: This could be the picture I take every day for the next month. (But I'll try and not be that boring.) I am living for the World Cup, though. And I am so happy my situation is such that I can stay home watching all of it.

 166: Crisps + dip is basically my whole diet atm.

 167: Three of my favourite things; football, food and The Beatles. (I may have had these left-over tacos for a couple of nights because they're something easy to make in between matches. And I'm definitely intending to have more this week..)

168: Food I'm eating while watching football, breakfast edition: a smoothie and porridge.

Who else has fully given up on life outside of football (and loving it)?

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