Monday, 25 June 2018

project 365: week twenty-five

 169: Went through all my jewellery boxes in order to start wearing stuff more often again!

 170: I'm going to my mum's for some time next month and already started packing, haha!

 171: Turku is so pretty in the sun. I wish I spent more time outside, but between the World Cup and being ill I don't have too much time!

172: I had just been thinking that I was doing pretty okay with this year's Project 365 and had missed only one day (I think). And then I missed another one; started the day with feeling poorly, then watched football all day and ultimately just forgot about everything else.

 173: I love rainy days.

 174: Got my lil' recipe book out and made a mess.

175: Leftover oat lace biscuits for breakfast!


Kati said...

Your recipe book - even though I can only see a glimpse I know I love the whole thing! :-D

Almost Stylish

Laura Jones said...

Kati - i'm sure you would, hen! it's so cute with its beatrix potter illustrations! it's basically just a notebook, though, where you can write your own recipes, with sections for different things; sweet, savoury, drinks, diff. holidays, etc.! xx

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