Friday, 18 May 2018

vintage honey(duke)

 I had lots of spring outfits, like this one, planned out but it seems like we're now fully in summer and most of these spring outfits I had in my head won't work in the heat. It's been +30°C and I was not prepared for that! I've already started swimming in the sea, eating ice cream outside and sleeping with the window open, so if I have to stop doing these things and start wearing leggings or other warm things again, I'm going to be bummed.


 Top&Skirt - Vintage // Shoes - Vagabond // Pin - Harry Potter Studio Tour // Sunglasses - Portobello Market // (Camera) bag - Vintage/Agfa

 But last week I was still committed to this spring look. And even though the top is only a very light knit, I felt like I was melting long before I got back home. Putting that fact aside, I had a lovely little walk. I've been meaning to properly visit this dam nearby me ever since I moved to Turku and only got around to it now - almost two years later (yikes). I either walk or take the bus past it every time I go into the city centre, but I've wanted to actually stop by, take pictures and all that. My original idea was to get to the dam early in the morning before everyone else, which obviously didn't happen. And because it was a bit busy, I didn't really take pictures in front of the dam and instead found this quieter place on the other side of it. The dam's a fairly popular spot for picnics, cyclists stopping for a minute, photographers and just people coming to see the dam and its fish. They even have a café in the summers, so when that opens I'll probably be back. Maybe even try getting up earlier and use it as a pretty background again.

I didn't really even realise that this outfit was almost fully vintage before putting it on. I feel like I don't wear as much vintage as I used to, yet every time I do I wonder why that is. This, for example, was a look I was really into, but I was wearing both the top and the skirt for the first time despite owning them for about six months and a year respectively. Will definitely try and get them out of the wardrobe more often now! I really do love vintage, and also a shout-out to good second hand shops that occasionally have some really great stuff for the most ridiculous prices. I got the top for free (!) and I think the skirt was 1 Euro. How is that real life? I also realised that I can use my box camera bag as a handbag because it is so cute. Even with the camera inside it'll fit the essentials. I was gutted when the original strap broke, but this pink ribbon is doing the job as well. And I can't wait to get the film finally developed during the summer, as I've not actually tested this box camera before! So, hopefully that's what my summer's going to consist of, to some degree - vintage looks and vintage cameras!



Corinne said...

That skirt is lovely Laura! All these shots are beautiful.

It's pretty much gone from snow go summer here, too! It's insane.

Corinne x

Laura Jones said...

Corinne - thank you so much, dear! it really feels like summer came more quickly then usually this year - not really complaining, though! xx

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