Wednesday, 16 May 2018

azores: mosteiros

Another one of my Azores favourites was Mosteiros. It's the prettiest, most quaint little town and definitely worth checking out if you're in São Miguel. The name of Mosteiros means monastery in English and it's called that because one of the islets looks like a church. I really loved it!

The area mainly consists of small villages - everything looks cute, but you can still find places to eat etc. And the nature is stunning. As the Azores are volcanic islands, the beaches in Mosteiros are also volcanic. There's beautiful black sand beaches, rocky ones and natural hot pools. I was going to go swimming but it was quite windy and the waves looked quite strong, so I abandoned that idea (and regret it a little, haha!). It is supposedly often windy and you need to be mindful about what time you go to the hot pools especially, mostly because the ocean water will mix in and cool the pools down. Apparently before noon is the best time, with 10am being often mentioned as the ideal time. The water was the bluest, the hills were the greenest, and everything seemed quite perfect. To repeat myself; I really loved it.

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Gail J said...

It looks pretty indeed! And the sky is so blue, I love it!

Laura Jones said...

Gail J - doesn't it! and i really loved it too, dear! xx

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