Monday, 7 May 2018

project 365: week eighteen

 120: It has been such a long week so this feels like it was a small forever ago. But, on Monday I basically just had a day of running errands, such as walking through the woods to the post office. It's annoyingly far, but a pretty walk nonetheless!

 121: Excited about all these summery prints.

 122: Packing for Helsinki.

 123: First day trip of the week - I did some unfortunate planning and went to Helsinki thrice (haha!). I had a good time, though, doing research for uni and visiting museums which are essentially the same for me because mixing business and pleasure is always the way to go (right?). Spending time exploring Helsinki on my own for a change was mostly a positive experience, until I realized I'd forgotten to eat enough and ended up on the train back home with a migraine. What else is new?

 124: Another day, another Helsinki trip, and another museum! Had another good day, doing much of the same stuff as on Thursday, but also didn't skip lunch/dinner, and met some cats at a cat café.

 125: Instead of having a day off/at home, I spent Saturday at my uncle and auntie's catching up, eating well and swimming with my cousin's daughter. Definitely not complaining about any of that.

126: On Sunday I had another day of uni/research related stuff in Helsinki; learning about video games, VR, museums, history, heritage and all that fun stuff. I love museums, I love seeing people who are also into these kind of topics, I love learning, and I'm actually even loving doing research at the moment. (Which is not always the case, because research and all the things I 'love' can also be boring.) Having said that, I am very much looking forward to not having to do much this week after last week's constant socialising, travel and having fun. Ready to relax and be my boring introverted self until the next time I happen to have plans (and hopefully those plans don't coincide or occur in such close proximity to each other within a week)!

How did you enjoy last week?


Sakuranko said...

Oh very cute photos darling

Laura Jones said...

Sakuranko - thank you, honey! xx

Anya Dryagina said...

As usual very interesting post!
Kisses, Anya
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Laura Jones said...

Anya Dryagina - thank you, lovely! xx

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