Monday, 14 May 2018

project 365: week nineteen

 127: After my almost-a-week in Helsinki, I had a migraine on Monday and just stayed in bed with my three-day-old plaits and the remnants of the day before's make-up. Charming.

 128: Pretty carnations my flatmate received.

 129: My favourite part of summer in Finland is testing all the new ice cream flavours, and there's actually lots of lactose free ones this year. V. exciting. This macchiato-chocolate one was really good!

 130: Another exciting thing: leaves on trees! They seem to have popped out of nowhere and suddenly they were everywhere.

 131: Went on a lil' photo shoot walk. I really like this little dam nearby my house and have meant to properly stop by it, instead of just walking by, ever since I moved to Turku. So, I finally did that. And I don't know why a bother with any kind of eye make-up these days when I'm always wearing sunglasses..

 132: I tried to get some uni work done, but really I did absolutely nothing all Saturday.

133: It was (Finnish) Mother's Day on Sunday, but I'm actually seeing my mum today, and spent some time yesterday getting crafty, making a card and trying to figure out a present. Today (Monday) my plans are to explore some cemeteries and go to the beach with my mum in Helsinki, which should be lovely. So glad the weather's ideal for all that, as well!

What did you get up to last week?


Hena Tayeb said...

Oh sorry to hear about the migraines.
Those carnations are lovely.

Laura Jones said...

Hena Tayeb - it's nothing, really! and aren't they, hun! xx

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