Monday, 12 March 2018

project 365: week ten

064: City lights. I had a rather basic and boring week last week, but there were some pretty moments, too.

065: A Tuesday trying to plan my life a bit. Or at least trying to keep it together a little, haha!

066: Wednesday was a stunner of a day! The sun was shining, everyone was out and about in the city and the river's been frozen so people have been walking and skating on it. So, I spent a wee while people-watching while standing on this "musical bridge" that was playing Sibelius. It was great.

067: My plan had been to go back to the city and actually go on the river this time (after doing some research on how thick the ice was, obviously), but the weather changed and so did my plans. Although there were still a few people walking on the river, it looked less inviting and it was sleeting, so I ended up just running some errands, looking like this.
I've not worn my former go-to look of liquid eyeliner all year, but this day I felt like doing something and used this bluey-green eyeshadow as a liner. Am kind of into it and will probably be trying some different colours this spring!

068: I made this noodle/salad/thing and ended up not liking it and had to bin it. As someone who grew up poor and still is relatively poor and someone who was never allowed to waste food and still basically never wastes food, I spent quite a bit of time feeling bad about this. Haha. But it wasn't good, so that's that. And now I'm not sure if I don't like nuoc cham or if it's just the one I made that was not to my taste. What a problem. How interesting.

069: On the other hand, I've been making these oat lace biscuits/cookies two or three times a week now. Genuinely about to make a batch later today as well!

070: My plan for the weekend was to finish at least one of these books, which I did and am about 50 pages into the next one. So, did I have a fun and interesting weekend? No. But was it productive? Yes. I've finally been getting some research done and am happy about that.

What was your week like?


FashionRadi said...

Glad you had a productive week! Mine was very productive as well.
These homemade cookies look yummy!

Miguel Gouveia said...

Thanks a lot :D

another amazing phtos my friend :D loved it!

InstagramFacebook Official PageMiguel Gouveia / Blog Pieces Of Me :D

Hena Tayeb said...

The frozen river looks lovely.
I agree about the wastage of food.. but sometimes things are beyond salvageable..

Laura Jones said...

FashionRadi - glad to hear that as well! and thank you, chick, they're pretty good! xx

Miguel Gouveia - thanks, pal! xx

Hena Tayeb - doesn't it! and that's very true, dear. just wish i had tried the recipe in a smaller batch, haha! xx

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