Wednesday, 28 March 2018

butterflies in a field

 I don't know who and where I thought I was, believing that wearing a mere t-shirt would be enough. Granted it was quite warm, but I still could only bear to take my coat off for two seconds. I just wanted to wear this skirt and as soon as this t-shirt (and some other Adidas bits) arrived, I felt optimistic and deceived by the warmth of the sun I could feel through the window and changed from a more weather-appropriate outfit to this.

 Skirt - Self-made
T-shirt - Adidas
Coat - 2nd hand
Scarf - Grandma's old
Shoes - H&M
Bracelets - Gift/Avon
Sunglasses - Citymarket
Gloves - Accessorize

 Now that my hair has gotten a bit longer again, I've been doing some halo braids and all that, and just trying to do more with my hair. But since it's still spring only in name and I basically wear a hat every time I venture outside, there's no point in plaits or anything like that really, is there? But once it gets warmer, maybe I can start having braid crowns and other styles outside of the house as well! However, until then my hair is in its usual state of semi-curls and messy. As one of my optimistic mistakes I wasn't actually wearing a hat while taking these, but immediately regretted the decision and tried to use my scarf to cover at least a bit of my ears. The thing about spring weather is that you feel the sun proper burning through the window and that makes you forget about other weather-related things like how there's still snow on the ground and how it can be super windy. It's truly felt like this Dickens quote on a lot of days lately:

“It was one of those March days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold: when it is summer in the light, and winter in the shade.”

 Anyway, I made this skirt sometime after Christmas. I feel like I often moan about how I don't like the clothing I make, even though I actually do. But, I have to say I had some issues with this and I don't know how since this is such a basic skirt! I measured my waist wrong (literally how?), had to cut the waistband shorter, then felt it got too short and sewed the bits I had cut back onto it, didn't check the final length of the waistband and didn't check the right side of the skirt after my initial and subsequent stitches. So, the skirt isn't the perfect fit (which is fine - I can eat more, I suppose), the gathering  and the seam between the waistband and the rest of the skirt isn't perfect (which is fine, I suppose) and all in all the skirt isn't perfect. But it's fine and it looks fine. I just feel like I was over-confident and not paying attention as much as I should have when doing a "basic" and "simple" piece of clothing and that's made me be annoyed with myself. As I'm not a 100% happy with it, it might just become a more homey skirt. I really like the butterfly pattern and the fabric is a really nice and soft material, and I also like my big buttons that I think are from an old cardigan of my grandma's. There's also a bit more of the same fabric left, so making a mini version of this skirt might be on my mind. As well as making another one of a simpler plain colour, stripes or plaid, possibly. Just to remind me that I can still sew. And because it is actually a good skirt.

 Also, side note, remember that time some years ago when everyone was taking pictures in fields? I always felt/feel a bit uncomfortable with it. Sure, it looks pretty when the sun hits the golden crops and you're there in a lovely summer dress. But as a farmer's granddaughter, all I'm thinking is "YOU'RE RUINING THE CROPS!" Once when I was little, my cousin, my brother and I jumped into one of the fields at my grandparents' to make it look like a ufo had landed there and thought it would be funny, and all I can remember of that day (and probably the following days) is how angry everyone was at the large area of grain destroyed. This has left enough of an impression on me that although stepping into someone's field most likely won't affect their livelihood that much, I don't really see myself stepping into a field or anything like that for any reason if it's not been harvested already. (Afterwards and in winter I still feel a bit iffy about it, but not as much, I suppose.) Even though, it kind of looks like I'm in a field here, I'm really on some paths that go through it and that are popular with everyone walking or running along the river. I feel like such an old, grumpy peasant, haha. But instead of yelling at people to stay off my lawn, I'm yelling at them to stay off everyone else's fields and not to ruin the crops. And somehow my side note has basically become the main text of this post, how embarrassing.



Panty Buns said...

Your self-made skirt is beautiful, and the colourful butterfly print is very pretty. Your skirt looks fabulous styled with the navy blue double breasted coat, white Adidas T-shirt and that lovely scarf. Your hair and makeup look beautiful, and I love your outfit photos!

Laura Jones said...

Panty Buns - thank you so much, hon! you're too kind! xx

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