Friday, 23 March 2018

barcelona: the rest

This Barcelona trip for me was all about Gaudí, but I did see and do other things as well. I walked a lot and while walking saw lots of things. That's usually one of my favourite things to do when travelling: just wandering the streets and possibly stumbling upon something interesting or pretty. Or anything really. (Although, now that I think about all the walking I did in the heat, it's still making me tired and making my tiny feet ache.)

I wandered around the Cathedral area (will have to properly check out the cathedral at another time, though!), had some gazpacho (it's not really from the area, but it's Spanish!), walked Las Ramblas, was tipped by my hostel owner to check out the chocolate on Carrer de Petritxol and had all the chocolate. I also sat in more parks and went swimming on the Barceloneta beach, even though there's no picture evidence of that. Before heading to the airport at night, I spent time in Montjuïc. I've seen similar shows on a smaller scale but the Magic Fountain of Montjuïc's music and light show was really incredible. It honestly felt like the perfect way to end my time in Barcelona.

My time in the city was quite brief but at the same time it was really great. And I'm really happy that there's still a lot more for me to see and explore in Barcelona as I'd love to be back sooner rather than later. I've never really been a fan of Spain, but Barcelona truly won me over!

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Valerie Price said...

I am loving all these Barcelona posts! I'm in such awe of these amazing buildings! I really hope I can visit this city someday!

Laura Jane Atelier said...

I would love to go there, it looks amazing

Miguel Gouveia said...

Thanks a lot :D

Ohn dear Barcelona!!! Missing so much!

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Gail J said...

I love walking a lot when traveling too! Hope you enjoyed ur trip girl!

Corinne said...

I love walking around and finding new things too. You took some lovely photos!

Corinne x

Laura Jones said...

Valerie Price - that's so lovely to hear, lady! the architecture there really is gorgeous, and i hope you get to go at some point! xx

Laura Jane Atelier - i hope you get to go, hen, it really is amazing! xx

Miguel Gouveia - haha, we'll both have to revisit, pal! xx

Gail J - it's a great way to explore new places! and thank you, chicken, i did! xx

Corinne - yes, it can be so fun! and thank you, lovely! xx

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