Wednesday, 28 February 2018

little grey riding hood

 Coat&Dress - 2nd hand
Hooded scarf - Self-made
Cardigan - Made by my grandma
Shoes - H&M
Gloves - Accessorize

If you've seen my Project 365 photos, you've already seen some pictures of this scarf in progress. But now it's ready and here's a few pictures of it! The scarf actually had instructions for fringes at the end, but I ran out of this yarn and think it's discontinued. A fringe doesn't feel completely necessary to me anyway, but if I ever see this or a similar yarn somewhere I might make a purchase and add the fringe. Something I feel like I could have done differently is to have kept in mind that I have a small head and make the hood a tiny bit smaller. Now it's a bit bigger on me, but that means I can wrap into it more and warmer. My current everyday coat (not worn here) has a hood, so I'm not wearing this scarf as much because wearing two hoods would be silly. But I can see this being a good transitional piece when it gets a bit warmer in the spring. Thinking about pairing it with a leather jacket!

In addition to things I've knitted myself, I'm wearing this cardigan that used to be my grandma's and that she made herself. It's one of my favourites and one of the warmest things I own. I was going to say it's cool to have the same hobbies as my grandma, but actually knitting and making things definitely were more of a practicality and necessity for someone like her whereas it's just something fun and a choice for me. But here I am wearing me and grandma's efforts in knitting.

Also, featuring in these photos is the 2nd hand dress that I took in earlier this year and it now fits better (I think it's originally from H&M, but not sure), lipstick on my teeth in basically every photo (unfortunate, but couldn't be bothered to try and retake all of these), some really nice lighting and the start of a slight snowfall.



Laura Jane Atelier said...

These photos are so pretty, I love your plaid dress

Miguel Gouveia said...

Thanks a lot :D

you look awesome! your pics are fabulous as usual!

InstagramFacebook Official PageMiguel Gouveia / Blog Pieces Of Me :D

Gil Zetbase said...

Stunning outfit!
Have a nice evening!
Gil Zetbase

Chiara said...

I absolutely love this look. That scarf looks so warm. I could really do with something like that just now, with all the snow we're getting in Scotland. Stay warm :-)

Laura Jones said...

Laura Jane Atelier - thank you. doll! i really like it as well! xx

Miguel Gouveia - thank you, hon! xx

Gil Zetbase - thank you, gil! xx

Chiara - thank you so much, honey! it is warm:-) and i hope you're keeping warm and getting to enjoy the snow in some form as well! xx

Tieka, Selective Potential said...

Love that scarf! Looks so cozy! I love bundling up when it's so cold outside. xo

Laura Jones said...

Tieka - thank you, doll! it is cozy. and me, too! xx

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