Monday, 26 February 2018

project 365: week eight

050: A self-portrait in a dirty mirror while being ill. (Always a good way to start the week.)

051: I have mixed feelings about spring. It's very much still winter here. but at the same time it is getting sunnier and warmer. And although in theory I really do like spring, in reality spring in Finland just is not for me. While sunny weather will make the average person happy and eager to go outside, the combination of sun and snow is too much for me and more than often results into a migraine. So, I tend to stay inside when the sun is at its highest during the day. But, I am also going outside more and looking forward to the snow melting so that I can fully enjoy spring soon.

052: I done a make-up thing. It's not really what I usually do, but will blog about this later.

053: Another make-up look for an outfit I photographed this day! Quite surprised myself with all the blog stuff I got done last week, haha!

054: Just a Laura eating a plate of potatoes.

055: Another migraine day meant staying in bed a lot and listening to podcasts. Podcasts and audiobooks are my favourite when I'm ill and don't have the energy and attention span to watch or read anything, but don't want to just sleep or stay in bed doing nothing. If you have podcast recommendations, send them my way! Also, I basically never have my laptop on this bright (this was just for the photo, haha!) and usually dim down the screen to the lowest brightness so it doesn't strain my eyes. Same goes for my phone and it can be so helpful.

056: I was sad that the Olympics ended on Sunday but at least now I have more time to do other things when I don't have to stay up all night glued to the screen, watching all the Olympians. For example, I had time to make this Thai green curry. It's the first time I've made it and although it wasn't amazing, it was good and I can see myself trying to perfect the recipe in the future.

That's what I've been doing, what did you get up to last week?


Valerie Price said...

Great collection of photos! I love the natural light you captured in the window photo, and your makeup looks beautiful!

Laura Jane Atelier said...

Loving these photos, your makeup looks so pretty

FashionRadi said...

How fun were the Olympics?! I really enjoyed watching them... wish they would never end. hahaha

Hena Tayeb said...

We too are a little sad about the Olympics ending. We had such fun watching it especially seeing how much interest my 7 year old was taking in it.

Sorry to hear about your migraines.. :(

Miguel Gouveia said...

Thanks a lot :D

OMg you always have the best photo vision!

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Laura Jones said...

Valerie Price - thank you so much, dear! xx

Laura Jane Atelier - thank you, lovely! xx

FashionRadi - i know, right! i wouldn't have minded if there were just a few more days and events at least, doll! haha. xx

Hena Tayeb - ah, yes! watching the olympics as a child was so exciting and i've not lost a lot of that enthusiasm yet, haha! and that's okay, hun! xx

Miguel Gouveia - thank you, pet! xx

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