Wednesday, 14 February 2018

turku castle

A Valentine's tip: Take your partner to a castle and treat them like the queen they are. JK, just trying to make this post relevant to the day. Although, if someone wanted to take you on a trip to a castle, saying no would be just rude. (Granted they are someone you like and not a random creep.)

These are actually from over a year ago when I visited the Turku Castle with some friends. Doesn't really matter whether you visit with a partner, friends or by yourself, it's worth going any way! The castle is quite rambling with lots of stairs and lots of rooms to explore, which I like. And the staff I've met are all very helpful and ready to tell you more about the history of the place which is lovely. In addition to the castle, the historical museum section and whatever else you can experience all-year round, they have temporary exhibitions that are quite interesting as well. This time they had some contemporary art and nature-based exhibits. (Check out the creepy beekeepers below!)

Being from the 13th century, Turku Castle is actually Finland's largest surviving medieval building and one of the oldest buildings still in use today. It was a genuine castle with the royals of Sweden living in it at one point, but has also been used as a bastion and military fortress, the Governor-General's house, a prison and an administrative castle, before becoming a museum. As a wee historian I am all about places like this. If you're ever in Turku, the castle is definitely a must and one of my favourites in the city.

I had actually been to Turku Castle before, when I was little. I thought I'd created false memories as when I saw it now, two decades later, it didn't match the picture I had of the castle in my head. But I soon realized that it looks so different from different angles and I just went in from a different entrance, making all my memories "right" as well.

I'd love to revisit again in the summer when everything looks - again - different. And it'll not be a similar experience in other ways too, when it's not so cold and one can walk to the castle along the river. Although, it is pretty through all the seasons!



Laura Jane Atelier said...

Wow thus castle looks so cool, I love your photos too

Valerie Price said...

This castle looks amazing! It looks like such an interesting place to explore! Great photos!

Miguel Gouveia said...

Yes, Yes. You really need to go back to visit, maybe in the summer. The pond is anything out of the ordinary and has a look that speaks for itself:D

I love these all photos in addition to being wonderful made me travel with you! That incredible space.

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Andini Ria said...

This castle looks so cool! I love visiting old medieval structures and would definitely like to visit Finland one day too <3

Amanda Aude said...

Wow, what dreamy photos! Castles are so magical.

Laura Jones said...

Laura Jane Atelier - thank you, hen! xx

Valerie Price - it really is that! thank you, lady! xx

Miguel Gouveia - yes, i'd love to revisit in the summer, so maybe one day! and thank you, hon! xx

Andini Ria - it really is:-) and i do love exploring places like this as well. hope you get to go to finland at some point, chicken! xx

Amanda Aude - thank you, pet! and aren't they! xx

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