Wednesday, 31 January 2018

two seasons in taavolagården

Taavolagården is such an idyllic new little place we've discovered and have visited it for a few times since the summer now. It has a café in a building from the early 19th century (1834, I think, since all the signs say so?) complete with interiors fit to that era, as well as a boutique/gift shop and a flea market. In the summer I've also seen people selling handmade goods outside. It is all so cute! So here's some contrasting pictures from this charming wee place in winter and in summer.

As my mum lives almost right next to the Swedish border, going "abroad" is quite an ordinary thing to do. (Fun fact: when looking for a house to buy in the late 80s/early 90s my parents almost went for a house in Sweden and I could have been born Swedish-Finnish-British.) As a wee one going to get sweets from the other side of the border is what I remember the most. It was always quite exciting going to Sweden and at the same time it was so normal and I couldn't even tell when we went from one country to the other. We still go at least once when I'm visiting in Lapland and it's so lovely to find new places like this that are relatively nearby.

The only things that have really changed since summer are the amount of people and my appearance, to some extent. There's definitely less people around in the winter - something that a bit of snow and -20°C does. I've gone from wearing just a swimsuit and a skirt to being fully bundled up in my warmest coat. And it looks like I was an uncharacteristically brown bean in the summer, now I'm back to being almost as pale as I usually am! But I like the fact that Taavolagården has felt the same every time I have visited. (And that they have had delicious cakes on all occasions!) It may look different during the seasons, but always feels very welcoming and reliable. Almost like the time there stands still a little. Although a new favourite, I can't wait to go back the next time I'm in the area!



Valerie Price said...

Wow, this place is so cute! You captured it so beautifully with these wonderful photos!

Laura Jane Atelier said...

Wow I am obsessed with this Victorian house so cute

Miguel Gouveia said...

Thanks a lot :D

OMG you always have the best photos my dear

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Corinne said...

So cool you can go abroad so easily! When I lived in France i was 30 mins from Germany and about an hour from Luxembourg!

Corinne x

Laura Jones said...

Valerie Price - isn't it! and thank you, dear! xx

Laura Jane Atelier - isn't it, hun! xx

Miguel Gouveia - thank you, lovely! xx

Corinne - it's something you don't really think about, but it is cool, hen! although your situation sounds cooler. but i suppose it's different in central europe where so many countries are next to each other! xx

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