Thursday, 11 January 2018

moomins in tampere

A gloomy, gray autumn day in Tampere last year was, in fact, not that gloomy once we (we being my entire family) went to the Moomin Museum. In any case, I tend to enjoy gloomy days like this anyway and lately all my pictures have looked rather bleak and dark. And I definitely enjoy anything Moomin related. You aren't allowed to take photos inside the museum, apart from this one area in which I'm awkwardly standing next to a cardboard Moomintroll and a text saying anyone who eats pancakes with jam cannot be that dangerous (which is true and such a good, classic Moomin quote!).

They used to have some of the miniature Moomin models in a library in Tampere when I was wee, so I had seen and had vague memories of some of them. But the museum is very comprehensive and so cute. If you like Moomins at all, I'd say it's a must-visit place. The only problem is that getting through the gift shop without buying something is a struggle! Although Tampere is a place I have visited often in my childhood and still pop in every now and then, and although my life is always full of Moomins, I hope this year will bring even more travel (even if just little trips like this) and even more Moomins!

Have any of you visited the Moomin Museum yet? And if any of you happen to be in Finland at the same time as I am, holla at me and we can visit all the Moomin places! 😉


Nora Gouma said...

Love your great post, the pictures are truly stunning, thank you for sharing!!!


Corinne said...

I don't remember much about Moomins. Sad. The photos are stunning, very eerie!

Corinne x

Laura Jane Atelier said...

These photos are cool, I love all of unique buildings

Miguel Gouveia said...

Thanks a lot :D

seems to be an amazing place my friend :) cool photos!

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Laura Jones said...

Nora Gouma - thank you, lovely! xxx

Corinne - you should pick up a book or watch the series - moomins are the best! and thank you, pet! xx

Laura Jane Atelier - thank you, dear! i do love a bit of unique architecture, too! xx

Miguel Gouveia - thanks, hon! xx

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