Monday, 29 January 2018

project 365: week four

022: I did an art. Or rather finished something I started before Christmas, didn't like it for a while, redid a little, and then finished. If you've read this post from a year ago about the Ylivieska church, you might get how this is a somewhat meaningful piece of art for me. The piece of burnt wood is something I've salvaged myself and the nail is something that is sold and I've gotten as a gift and they're both from the church. Looking forward to hanging this on my wall at some point!

023: We had dinner at my favourite place with mum before I left Keminmaa.

024: This was my last day at mum's and in Lapland, after prolonging my holiday to be over a month. I've no contact hours at uni anymore, so it doesn't particularly matter where I am located and I didn't feel like going home yet. It's much more wintery in Lapland than in the south which was nice even though the temperatures got to -30ÂșC. But I had library books to return and elections to vote in, so it was time to leave (which I did on Wednesday). Also, my camera run out of battery while trying to take these My Little Pony pictures and my charger was at home which gave me another reason to go.

025: Got back home after a night on the train, had a lovely breakfast at my auntie&uncle's, after which I had to face reality and my to-do list again. I don't really have a lot to do, but all the things I have to do are big things. Like my thesis and internship (one of which I've started, the other I'm still looking for).

026: My weekly migraine day. (Fun fun fun!)

027: Such a gray day - I kind of wish it'd snow!

028: Extra pictures from Sunday and my Sunday walk to vote in the Finnish presidential election. (The incumbent president got reelected and got the majority of votes literally in every place of the country, so it wasn't a very exciting affair. Yay for democracy, though.)

Did you do anything exciting last week or have plans for this one?


Dolly Rocker said...

I love your photos, everything looks so perfect. Good luck with your thesis! I just finished my dissertation which I imagine is quite short in comparison, so I really wish you all the best for it!

Miguel Gouveia said...

Thanks a lot :D

amazing photos my friend :D

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Laura Jones said...

Dolly Rocker - thank you so much, darling! mine doesn't have to be too much longer than my dissertation was either, but i'm still not looking forward to writing it, haha! but thank you! xx

Miguel Gouveia - thanks, pal! xx

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