Monday, 27 July 2015

taking a break

I feel like this happens every summer, so you'll most likely be used to it already. I'm going to my mum's for about a month and as the internet will be really rubbish, I'm having a wee pause in blogging. And even if it wasn't rubbish I think it might be a good idea to take a break from the internet, the social media and just unplug for a while. Which is what I intend to do for the most part. And I'm sure you've noticed that I've not been very present in the blogosphere lately. It's not even that I have nothing to blog about, as I have lots of photos and things I'd like to share. I've just felt really busy and concentrating on the blog has been the area that I've neglected. So I'm hoping that after this break, I'll have more focus and can get to regular blogging again (for real, this time). Have a lovely summer, you all, and I'll see you around September!

P.S. Hope you're appreciating my amazing Paint skills:'''')


Amy said...

I hope that you have a wonderful vacation! It's so important to take time to unplug ♥
Amy xx

Little Moon Dragon

Amy said...

Have a lovely time! x

Lux G. said...

Enjoy your break! :)

Caramella said...

Enjoy your summer!! :)

Katie Frank said...

have fun darling <3

Rebecca Harasym said...

I agree summer is a busy time and it can be hard to blog. I hope you have a wonderful time visiting your mum this month! Take a much needed break and enjoy every minute of it!


Ina R. said...

Have a nice break! ;)

Suzy said...

Enjoy your holiday my dear!

Have a wonderful weekend!
With love,
Suzy ♥


Hena Tayeb said...

I just came back from a two month long break.. everyone needs one.. enjoy.

PiotrowskaPaulina said...

have fun !

Dainté said...

enjoy your time there but try to come back to blogging as soon as possible ! you'll be missed ! ;)

esosandraUTD said...

Have a great time dear.

Budi Mulyono said...

yeah, sometime we need it. Hope you enjoyed the summer taking a break. only for a while, isn't it?

Laura Jones said...

Amy - thank you, lovely! and it is, although i maybe took a little more time off blogging than i needed, hehe! xx

Amy - thank you, pet, i did! xx

Lux G. - thanks, hen! x

Caramella - thank you, love, i did - and my autumn too (ha)! x

Katie Frank - thank you, doll! xx

Rebecca - thank you, dear! you're all so sweet and understanding, not least you:-) x

Ina R. - thanks, hon! x

Suzy - thank you, i did, dove! x

Hena Tayeb - hope you had a relaxing break! it's true everyone needs one at some point, lady! x

PiotrowskaPaulina - thanks, hun! x

Dainté - thank you, chicken! you're far too sweet:-) x

esosandraUTD - thanks, i did, pet! x

Budi Mulyono - i did, thank you, girl! only for a while, though it ended up being a long while, haha! x

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