Sunday, 26 July 2015

et augebitur scientia


Oh hi, it's me, a graduate. I had my graduation on Monday and am more than happy to say I now have my degree. These three years in Leeds have been so good, and although it's a bit sad to leave Leeds, uni and all the people I've met, I'm quite excited to see what I'll do next. And even though my mum didn't come for the day and watched the live stream instead, I'm also really happy that my godfather and his wife decided to come! After the ceremony we went for a wee meal and all in all I had a lovely day. Can we also talk about how much I like the gowns? I'd wear one every day if it wasn't considered too weird. I might just become a proper eccentric and do it anyway!

Thank you to you all who've already acknowledged my graduation, and congratulations to anyone else out there who's had theirs lately!

Photo credits for all but the fourth photo go to my godfather.


Suzy said...

You are ah-mazing! Love those photos!

♥ Have a good start of the new week! ♥


Lux G. said...

Wow, congrats!!! All the best to you.

Amy said...

Congratulations! I'm at Leeds for my degree too- I don't think I would want to leave either! xx

Sammy Scott said...

Amazing photos! You look super :)

Laura Jones said...

Suzy - thank you, my lovely, you're too sweet:-) x

Lux G. - thank you, lady! x

Amy - thank you, doll! enjoy it while it lasts, haha! i'm missing leeds already! xx

Sammy Scott - thank you, chicken! xx

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