Thursday, 23 July 2015

project 365: 194-200

Better late than never, eh! So here's last week's photos from my project 365:

194 Yet another rainy day.

195 Been using and will continue to use a limited choice of make-up since I've everything packed.

196 I tried whether or not I could do anything with my hair for graduation, with a questionable yes as an answer. And of course this actually ended up looking nicer than what I did on the actual day, haha!

197 Sneak peak of my graduation dress.

198 My godfather and his wife flew to London and I went to pick them up to go north after a few days in London.

199 Day two in London. So happy that the weather was so good for their stay!

200 Day three in London. Before heading back to Leeds, we went to St Paul's which was good:-) (And not at all trying to conceal how awful this photo is by the black&whiteness ha..)


B Ramida said...

great photos!

Amy said...

Oh, all of your photos are wonderful! I really like the ones from London, I would love to go there ♥
Amy xx

Little Moon Dragon

akiko hiramatsu said...

Such a lovely and beautiful photos!

Have a lovely weekend!


Laura Jones said...

B Ramida - thanks, hun! x

Amy - thank you, sweetie! hope you get to go someday! xx

akiko - thank you, thank you, lady! x

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