Monday, 29 June 2015

project 365: 173-179

173 I'm pretty sure that this is what most of our lives look like from time to time. Mine more than often.

174 Mess.

175 I kind of liked my hair on Wednesday. It's getting longer!

176 There was still leftover gingerbread dough in the freezer, so I baked gingerbreads before moving out.

177 Mess #2.

178 These curls.

179 My room and the whole house are starting to look so empty. We're all moving out tomorrow which is sad. It's been a good year in this house:-) (And I still don't know where I'm going..) Anyway, due to moving and things like that it might become quiet on the blog again for some time, sorry!


Katie Frank said...

those photos are amazing, I feel like I spent a day with you :)

Manhattan Image and Style said...

Great pictures sweetie!! You are SO beautiful!! :)

Check out my last post: A Morning Routine for a Successful Day!

Diana Bryant – Blog - Web

Amy said...

What lovely photos! Your hair looks gorgeous ♥
Amy xx

Little Moon Dragon

Joanna Joy said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Hope you like the new place you move to! Lovely photos. Those cookies look delicious.

Ali Hval said...

Cleanin' up! Good thing you managed to bake some cookies in the process. ;) That's a very important step!

Gail J said...

Hope everything's going great with the moving :)

Lady parisienne said...

Nice post and the cakes looks so good!

Sara-h Jane said...

COOKIES. I like the way that your hair is growing out. It has the cutest little curl thing going on :)

Krysten Quiles said...

MMm those cookies look good!

Rakel said...

lvoely pics!

Laila said...

Good luck with moving house, I hope it goes well. I'll confess it took me a while to work out what the top picture was!! Your hair looks lovely as well :) X

Laura Jones said...

Katie Frank - thank you, honey! glad you feel like that, i'm really liking sharing all these weekly photos:-) xx

Diana Bryant - why, thank you, lady! x

Amy - thank you, chicken! i definitely don't feel like it does all the time in this growing out process, so thank you! xx

Joanna Joy - haha, i still don't know where i'm moving to, so i hope so too! and thank you, love! x

Ali Hval - it's an important step indeed, haha! you clearly know where it's at, doll! xx

Gail J - it is so far, thank you, dear! xx

Lady parisienne - thanks, sweetie! xx

Sara-h Jane - haha, thank you, gal! i find it to be either the most annoying thing or occasionally the nicest, there's no middleground:-) xx

Krysten Quiles - gingerbreads should definitely be eaten more often than just around christmas, hun! xx

Rakel - cheers, pet! x

Laila - i'm thinking that as long as i'm not living on the streets, it's going well, haha! never even crossed my mind that it'd be hard to figure out, haha, but obviously i'll know what i take photos of! and thank you, sweets! xx

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