Monday, 22 June 2015

project 365: 159-172

Thank you all for your good luck wishes for my interviews and everything. I really do appreciate it (and hope it helps in me getting a job, haha). I'm still living a pretty hectic life right now, but I'll try and return to this lil' blog of mine as soon as and as much as I can! Anyway, bear with me as this post is now longer as it's two weeks' worth of project 365 photos.

159 Writing letters.

160 I wrote down and sent this poem for my mum for her birthday. And I also received a card and chocolate in return for my namedays:-)

161 Like I mentioned in an earlier post, I've been keeping my make-up simple, and this was it for a few days.

162 Crosswords. I don't know whether these are difficult or I've just forgotten Finnish, haha!

163 Writing cards. Seems like I've been sending quite a bit of mail lately!

164 These have been some of my favourite things to see on my way to uni these past three years. So strange that I actually won't see them or anything else like this that often anymore.

165 Packing for London.

166 It was such a pretty day in London. I had my interview in the morning and had time to do and see so much afterwards. I do love London. And I really do love Regent's Park.

167 In addition to the interviews I ended up having a trial day as well, and ended up in Regent's Park in the evening again. I'm still hoping to get to do the rest of my trial days and get closer to getting an actual job, but you know you never know.

168 After my second interview I was supposed to meet with a friend who was taking forever, so I ended up spending some time at Trafalgar Square and the galleries. Which was really lovely. I know I was in London for only three days and I still have so many photos to show you:--)

169 My legs basically look like a 5-year-old's.

170 Finally got around to watching the new season of OITNB. V. good.

171 I've started and almost finished packing my things. I need to move in about a week and I still don't know where I'm going and what I'm doing. What a mess.

172 The perfect cleaning and housework music. Am I right or am I right?


Lady parisienne said...

Nice article, there is beautifull pictures!

Monic dzej said...


Laura Mitbrodt said...

your simple makeup looks really pretty

Amy said...

What lovely photos! You look gorgeous in that simple makeup ♥
Amy xx

Little Moon Dragon

Krysten Quiles said...

Yay for Abba!

Kelsey & Kenecha said...

I love that your wrote a poem for your mom, so sweet!


Sara-h Jane said...

Beautiful! I also adore your makeup like that, it is perfection!

Arrow said...

Great post!
My legs look like a 5-year-old's too :)

Laura Jones said...

Lady parisienne - thank you, dear! xx

Monic dzej - cheers, hun! x

Laura Mitbrodt - why, thank you, doll! xx

Amy - thank you, thank you, sweetie! xx

Krysten Quiles - yay indeed, lady! xx

Kelsey & Kenecha - haha, i didn't actually write it, just found one that i thought she should read, chick! x

Sara-h Jane - thank you so much, girl! you're too sweet:-) xx

Arrow - thank you, hen! haha, glad to know i'm not the only one:-) i'm always covered in scrapes and bruises and plasters, ha! x

Laila said...

Abba is THE BEST cleaning music, totally with you on that front! How have your interviews been going? I hope everything is going alright! Also yay OITNB :) what did you think? And I love that you have character plasters :) I have some cowboy ones I crack out if anybody ever gets a cut! XX

Laura Jones said...

Laila - yes to abba! the interviews actually all went well, thank you for asking, but i still haven't got a job, haha! still keeping my fingers crossed that something will turn up:-) oitnb was good as always, although i think this season was quite different to the previous ones, and was really sad to see some of the characters leave. cannot wait for more, though! why settle for boring plasters, eh dear! mine are moomin ones, no surprise there, haha! xx

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