Monday, 4 May 2015

project 365: 117-123

117 Packing for London.

118 I had a job interview in London, from which I should hear from by tomorrow (I don't have high hopes, haha). But anyway, it was a pretty day in London and I had a lovely time checking out a few of the museums. I will actually try and get to posting about them as soon as I can decide which photos I like the best. I actually have so much to post about!

119 Although London was lovely, I was happy to get back home too. Especially after a full day of walking around and two nights of no/very little sleep.

120 A well balanced day of Angel and uni things. Or a day of Angel and desperately trying to fit in some work in between.. (What a great photo, too.)

121 I always find it exciting to start a new month and get a new picture to look at, haha:--D Cannot believe it's May already, though. Time's going almost too fast at the moment.

122 A day in bed with loads of films.

123 Second day in bed with loads of films and chocolate. I lead such an interesting life.. But the travelling at the start of the week maybe justified staying in bed for a few days at the end of it. That is what I'm telling myself. Not that I need any justification to stay in bed at any time..


Hena Tayeb said...

oh i haven't binge watched anything in ages.. i wouldn't mind spending a day watching Angel.

::MaGic Lov:: said...

2 photo <3

Laila said...

I've stayed in for the whole of today feeling exhausted and just taking time off. I've contracted some sort of illness! So watching films is completely justified if you went all the way down to London and back. shame I'm still touring or we could have hung out! Good luck for when you hear back frm the interview xx

Sara Gerard said...

You are so stinking cute! I love these photos too, such a cool project.

Amy said...

I love all of your photos! Chocolate and films are the best ♥
Amy xx

Little Moon Dragon

Laura said...

Hena Tayeb - any day watching angel is a good one:-) you'll have to try and make it happen, hun! x

::MaGic Lov:: - glad you like it, love! x

Laila - ah, hope you feel better soon, dear! it definitely felt like it was needed for me, even though i spend days watching tv/films far too often anyway, haha:-) maybe you'll be in town next time! and thank you! :-) xx

Sara Gerard - haha, cheers, chicken! and it's something i've really been enjoying doing (and so glad i've stuck with it so far)! xx

Amy - thank you, lady! and they really are! xx

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