Wednesday, 6 May 2015

imperial war museum

So, as I mentioned, I had a(n unsuccessful) job interview in London last week, and as soon as I arrived at the group interview I had a feeling that I wouldn't get it which means that I'm less bummed about it. And like I said, I ended up having a lovely day in London, so all is well. Apart from the fact that I still need a job.

The interview was for the Imperial War Museum, which meant that obviously I had to check it out afterwards. And it was great. Seeing things like the last of the Dunkirk boats or one of the Enigma machines is just really cool. Especially as that's pretty much what I've been studying for the past few years. I find the letters from children to their parents with their P.S.'s of not being hit by a bomb/gassed/air gunned hilarious. In a brutal kind of way, but hilarious nonetheless. I didn't take any photos of it, but the holocaust exhibition was really interesting as well. All of it was really interesting actually. What can I say, I love a bit of history..


Amy said...

This looks like such an interesting museum! I would love to check it out ♥
Amy xx

Little Moon Dragon

Linda said...

Absolutely fascinating! I love all your photos and the vintage items here. My father fought in WWII, and Hitler sure did NOT give any warnings. Thank you so much for sharing.

Laura Mitbrodt said...

wow what a crazy museum

akiko hiramatsu said...

Such a great museum.
But I am very afraid of war...


Lux G. said...

Really interesting to be inside a museum. I actually love exploring the past history. Imagining the lives of the people then. This one's powerful. Gas masks and all. Wow.

Tash Collier said...

Seems like a very weird but interesting museum. I feel like could spend hours in it looking around and not even know it. Good luck with your job search.


Ourdestination said...


Ina R. said...

That looks really interesting! As a German I have seen so many exhibitions about the German's view on WWII. It would be so interesting to see the other side too, the British one. This museum will definitely go to my Great Britain bucket list!

Gail J said...

I swear i need to explore and visit more museums in UK!

Jade Wright said...

I adore museums - London has so much to offer! I didn't see this one when I was there and wish I could go back to see it! Looks awesome!!!
History is important and fascinating - always makes me smile when I meet other people who feel the same :)

Laura said...

Amy - it is and interesting place, hon:-) definitely worth a visit! xx

Linda - glad you liked the post, lovely! my grandpa did as well:-) hope you've been lucky enough to hear actual stories of the war, those are the most interesting ones! x

Laura Mitbrodt - haha, in a good way, dear! xx

akiko - so it is, love! and i suppose war is never that enjoyable as it happens, but it's interesting in hindsight:-) x

Lux G. - good to know others are interested in history as well, hen:-) and war museums really are powerful and emotional places. x

Tash Collier - it's exactly that kind of a place once you really start getting into it! and thank you, sweets! x

Ourdestination - cheers, hun! x

Ina R. - i wouldn't have thought the germans would be too eager to have too many exhibitions/museums on wwii (haha..)! i obviously knew you could go to some of the concentration camps, but never thought there'd be much emphasis otherwise! and this one's definitely a good one to visit, honey! xx

Gail J - holla at me if you ever want to go museum exploring, darling! xx

Jade Wright - museums are great, aren't they! and london really has some excellent ones:-) you'll have to go next time you're in london, chick! and that's pretty much exactly how i feel:-) xx

Laila said...

Sad times about the job interview but I'm sure you'll get a better one in no time!! I'm ashamed to say I haven't been to the Imperial War Museum since I was 13 and got incredibly bored (along with the rest of my year) on a school trip which has put me off going. That was over 10 years ago!!!! I need to sort it out and go again because it looks fascinating.

Also on a completely unrelated note it looks like I'm going to Helsinki in the summer!!!! Maybe you have some tips?!?! xx

Laura said...

Laila - i do hope so, haha! and i'm sure you'd enjoy it more if you went now:-) or not, i was around 13 when i realised i really liked history, haha, so you might still find it boring! (it's not though..) aw yes, hope you'll have a great time when you go, dear! i'm definitely not an expert, but i'll get back to you on helsinki tips in a bit! xx

Imaginary Confetti Club said...

The drawing of the little girl with the gas mask is sooo sad :(

Laura Jones said...

Imaginary Confetti Club - it actually is, love. goes to show how morbid i am as i also find it really funny, haha.. x

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