Friday, 3 April 2015

the seaweed is always greener in somebody else's lake

How mad does this fish look?

And how done with life does this turtle look?

I have a lot of mixed feelings about aquariums and zoos. As much as I love them and seeing animals and things I most likely wouldn't otherwise get to see, they make me really depressed at the same time. A lot of them just look so apathetic and miserable, and it looks like some of them don't have that much space to live. Then again I don't really know how large their territory would be in the outside world anyway. And what might look apathetic to me might be their regular resting face. Often if you see an animal laying in one place that can be due to it just having a nice warm spot there and it won't want to move. And a lot of them have been born in captivity so they are likely not to survive in the wild. So, I do love seeing them. I especially find the world under water fascinating, it's just so different and you never see this kind of stuff. I still dream  of being a red-capped little helper on the Calypso and seeing all these wee ones in the sea. And I did sign a few petitions to save the whales while at Sea Life, so I hope that evens this out.


Amy said...

Oh, what lovely photos! I have mixed feelings about aquariums, too ♥
Amy xx

Little Moon Dragon

Eline said...

You're totally right about aquariums and zoos. It's very sad that they're living in a cage and not in the wild anymore, but on the other hand most of them are born there so they don't know how it could also be. A bit double sided!

Kelsey & Kenecha said...

I don't trust zoos and things like that either, I feel so bad for the animals. But these photos are so cute! I am loving that mad fish, he kinda stole my heart with that face haha :) x


Laura Mitbrodt said...

Those Jelly fish photos are so cool! Have a great weekend

Chrissy said...

Amazing pictures! I love going to the aquarium! I especially love the jelly fish!
Happy Easter xxx

Laura said...

Amy - thank you, dear! they can be a bit of a confusing place, i suppose! xx

Eline - so true, lady! xx

Kelsey & Kenecha - i know, but it's so hard not to go as they already are there, haha. thank you, love! and that fish looks so angry that it's funny:-) x

Laura Mitbrodt - glad you think so, gal! they really do look cool:-) xx

Chrissy - thank you, hun! they are a lovely place to visit, for the most part:-) and hope you had a great easter, too! xxx

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