Monday, 20 April 2015

project 365: 103-109

103 I actually left the house! But forgot to take my camera with me, ha..

104 I spent the day at the archives and had such a productive day. Kew is so pretty and it was the loveliest day in London. Although, I basically just sat inside all day, I quite enjoyed my Tuesday. (The fact that the archives' restaurant didn't have bagels this day was a bit of a let down, though.)

105 Birthday bbqs and surprise parties:-) 

106 I have this (Moomin) card that I got from my mum in first year that has little lights you can switch on and that changes colours. It's cute and I sometimes leave it on when I go to sleep.

107 Cadbury Creme Egg biscuits!

108 Pretty much my outfit of the day week life. I'm even thinking of upgrading this dressing gown into a kimono and wearing it outside.. Because if you say it's a kimono it's totally different and acceptable, right?

109 Looking at some wee treasures I've not worn in ages.

Can't believe it's already been a week, and I'm here again with my daily photos. After this week I'm looking forward to having less uni work for a while though, and getting back into blogging and other activities, like leaving my room. (Haha. Seriously, though.) So let's all look forward to that and hope that I finally get this dissertation finished!

Hope you've all had a lovely start to this week! Let me know if you've been doing anything fun or have nice plans for this week so I can live vicariously through you!


Jade Wright said...

Laura........ a cadbury cream egg BISCUIT?! When was THAT invented. I am so jelous... I LOVE Creme Eggs and we don't get them in South Africa :(
Care package for poor little me would be epic! Hahahahaha

Oh wow I love your pic of the houses in London - I would love to live in one of them. So different and beautiful to here. South Africa is beautiful too - but I miss London every day.

From what I can see, your dressing gown would pass off perfectly as a kimono :D go for it girl!! The best thing about it is that NO ONE else will be wearing it so you won't have that awkward moment like I did the other day of walking past someone in the same outfit... it is SO weird.

Lady parisienne said...

Beautifull little pics!!

Imogen said...

I love this gorgeous set of photos, the second one is my favourite, so adorable.

Amy said...

What lovely photos! I don't have any plans for the week, just some relaxing because I've had a few busy weeks ♥
Amy xx

Little Moon Dragon

Laura said...

Jade Wright - haha, i know! but i think they're a limited edition.. and i also actually considered sending you some but then i checked the parcel prices and changed my mind.. sorry! and i really love those wee houses too, some of the streets in london are so pretty! haha, that is true! will let you know if it becomes a kimono, dear! xx

Lady parisienne - thank you, lovely! xx

Imogen - thank you very much, sweetie! xx

Amy - thank you, chick! and that's exactly what i've been doing now that i'm not too busy anymore:-) xx

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