Thursday, 9 April 2015


Hope you all had a wonderful Easter! I was going to get up early on Easter morning to go to church, but the 5am alarm was quite quickly ignored.. But I had the loveliest few days eating all the eggs, chicken, chocolate and other food. As well as painting all my Mignon eggs and taking a break from studying. The break may have stretched itself to become a little longer than I meant it to be, but who can resist the powers of Netflix. I'm too weak for that, haha. Now it's a bit sad that there's no more chocolate and that I'll have to get back to my dissertation.


nancy @ adore to adorn said...

Easter flew by!
Good luck with you dissertation!

Suzy said...

OMG! I am ALL ABOUT YOUR BLOG! Your pictures are wonderful and you are so stylish!Keep up the great work! ♥


Amy said...

What lovely photos! It sounds like you had a great Easter, and I can't resist Netflix either ♥
Amy xx

Little Moon Dragon

Laura Mitbrodt said...

Sounds like you had a great long weekend, those painted eggs are so pretty

akiko hiramatsu said...

These are lovely Easter eggs!!

Have a lovely weekend♡


Meg Kernaghan said...

Yay! Happy Easter Laura!
These are beautiful photographs! So bright and happy :) xx

Lady parisienne said...

cute these Easter photos!
Have a great week end!

Kelsey & Kenecha said...

Those eggs are so cute! I always wanted to paint Easter eggs but never did, maybe next year!


Sara Gerard said...

Those are such pretty eggs! I totally understand ignoring the early alarm. I do it every morning ;)

Corinne said...

5am to go to church? What church starts that early? :o

Corinne x

angkisland said...

wow very nice and nice photos.... love it...

Ourdestination said...

nice ;)

Gail J said...

Hope you have a wonderful Easter too! Such lovely eggs <3

Ina R. said...

Aaw I love the eggs, they look so pretty! AND yummy! :)

Laura said...

nancy - it really did! aw, thank you very much, dear! xx

Suzy - cheers, chick! you're way too sweet:-) x

Amy - thank you, hun! i did, and haha, it's a hard thing to do! xx

Laura Mitbrodt - thank you, doll! xx

akiko hiramatsu - thank you, pet! hope you had a good one, too:-) x

Meg Kernaghan - thank you, sweetie! hope you had a lovely easter, too:-) and thank you very much! xx

Lady parisienne - thank you, hon! you too! xx

Kelsey & Kenecha - thank you, lovely! haha, you should definitely do it next year! i'm pretty sure i haven't missed a year, and have always painted either real eggs or chocolate ones:-) x

Sara Gerard - thank you, honey! and haha, that's the way to go! :-D xx

Corinne - haha! it was just an easter thing at 6am, lady! xx

angkisland - thanks, pal! x

Ourdestination - cheers, hen! x

Gail J - i did have a nice easter, thank you, gal! and thanks! xx

Ina R. thank you so much, sweets! x

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