Tuesday, 24 January 2012


I've gotten myself in a vicious circle this and last week. It started with a migraine and when recovering all I was capable of doing seemed to be watching House. This obviously isn't the wisest thing to do and just leads into more headache. I really need to stop! (But I really want to continue watching House too!)

Anyway, I made pizza last night, with this recipe. I made double the dough 'cause mama likes thick crust, and it was good. Thinking of starting to using more of the McCartneys' recipes, I never know what to cook on Mondays! Almost everything I do includes meat, and that's not happening on Mondays:-)


Liset said...

I've got the same problem, once I started a serie I can't get myself off the couch anymore. So excited. Very happy that the season of Dexter ended, now I can do other things again haha. Your pizza looks delicious!

Lisa said...

pizza looks delicious!

TheMadTwins said...

I can't stop watching series either X) And your cat looks so sweet :D

Laura said...

Liset - it's so easy and comfy to just lay on the couch and watch a serie, but it's also good to do other things, haha. glad that you've started to do the latter! and thank you, darling! x

Lisa - thanks, love! x

TheMadTwins - it's so addictive, isn't it! thank you, hun, she really is sweet:-) x

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