Monday, 2 January 2012

i don't need a lot of presents to make my christmas bright

 Here's a few things I got:

A London calendar.

Two Moomin mugs.

A scrapbook, canvas, pens.

Harry Potter book!


The Fry Chronicles! I'm half-way through this and I'm loving it♥.

Haven't really had the time for blogging lately but I'll try and change that. Now that all the family's gone and everything will start to go more ordinarily, I don't have to hide my blog all the time, haha. You know, I don't quite feel like letting everybody know about this, so it's been a bit difficult with everybody in the house.
Anyway. Did you get nice presents? :)


Lisa said...

love those mugs... too cute!

Laura said...

Lisa - oh, i know, i love them too! and thank you, hun! x

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