Thursday, 12 January 2012

things i wouldn't mind owning

1. These Vagabonds. Though, the ones I saw didn't have that gray rubber thing at the bottom. And, my Skopunkten shoes are pretty similar.. Still, these are too gorgeous!

2. Watermelon skirt. So cute. I've adored products at Lazy Oaf for years, but haven't bought anything yet. Thought about trying to make a skirt like this myself but don't think it'd turn out the way I want!

3. Les Jumelles have such pretty jewellery. One day I'll own something from the vintage collection, at the moment this Alice in Wonderland inspired necklace is my favourite!

4. Femme Sud clutch. This is from the Ex libris collection and once again I've been drooling over it for years.

5. A seal wax ring. I'm considering buying this one from Nostalgic Impressions. How cool would it be to have your own seal in every letter you send? (Picture from here )


Anonymous said...

The ring is such a great idea, I like craft and getting stuck into things so you're right a personal seal would be so incredibly sweet.

Also those shoes are my sort of shoe! The rubber will be great so I wouldn't be slipping everywhere!

Jo said...

I love love love the watermelon skirt! <3 Such a truly adorable design!

Lost in the Haze: Fashion Blog

Laura said...

Katie - i think so too, dear! and the rubber makes the shoes ideal for slippery weather:) x

Jo - it really is, honey! x