Saturday, 20 August 2011

wall of stuff

 I have this noteboard on my wall and every now and then I change the stuff on it. This is how it has looked since I came back from Scotland. Mostly I put quotes, doodles and photos on it. The picture of me and my friends on our Olds' day has been there for almost 3 years now. And my giraffe-watch (my first ever watch) has been there for much longer. Sometimes I have things that I actually need to remember on it - like the receipt from the library so I'd take my books back someday.

Then I've got this list of things I was going to do this summer, just basic things. For me summer ends when September starts, so I figured there's still over a week to complete the list. I've watched Disney-movies (almost all of them, haha!) and nearly completed one of my movielists (=movies I want to see),  spent time with Cleo,eaten nice summerfoods (also in some of my favourite places), taken photos and I'm progressing with the Sunday roasts. Haven't read and sewed as much as I thought though. Luckily there's still summer left to do that! But I wonder if #14 will ever happen...


angie said...

summer is the best time to catch up on movies! Love Fall, but always sad when summer time ends.

Laura said...

angie - it really is! and i feel the same way about autumn and summer ending:) x

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