Tuesday, 30 August 2011

nya saker

 Here's some birthday presents I got. Every year I think I'm not that excited for my birthday and then I get presents and I'm like a wee child. I love presents - both giving and receiving:). Mama's present was to take me for a meal and dessert, that's yet to do. My birthday will last long as we haven't even talked about going somewhere yet. Not that I mind!

(I do have pants on!)

P.S. People seem to know I like the Moomins.. I collect the mugs but other merchandise is always welcome too!


Limasim said...

oh how beautiful!!! i follow you! <3

the girl never gets older said...

yay, belated best wishes! ✿ oh my goodness, I LOVE the moomins, these are birthday presents of my dreams! :D you look beautiful, I love your hair ♥

Laura said...

Limasim - thank you, darling! x

the girl never gets older - thank you, dear! haha, moomins are cute:) x

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