Saturday, 21 January 2017

violets in january

 Coat - Urban Outfitters
Headband - Self-made
Gloves - Accessorize
Dress (as skirt) - H&M
Top - 2nd hand/ASOS
Shoes - New look

Hey, you guys, and happy new year!

It almost fels like a tradition at this point for me to disappear for a while from the blog and then come back with promises of how I'll be better. Let's be honest; there's no guarantee I will be. But I do have good intentions. And all of you who come back to my blog every time, I appreciate you lots. And all of you who interact me on other social media while I'm a blog-absentee, I really appreciate you lots.

Instead of talking about this sequin top (Which is amazing and my favourite thing in the world. Sparkling into the new year, as you do.), let me tell you what's been up and and what's going to happen in my life in the near future. I've been back at uni doing my Masters for almost six months now. It's really not that much work at the minute, but it wouldn't be surprising if the workload started creeping on me soon enough. I had a good Christmas, I thought up some goals for 2017. And although on a more general and global level 2017 is more or les all doom and gloom, personally 2017 is looking like it could be a good year for me. In a couple of days I'm leaving for a short holiday in London, after which I'm moving to Portugal. The change of scenery and change of snow into sunshine and the sea is definitely something worth looking forward to. Amidst all the travelling and busyness of the next month or so, I am also looking forward to getting back to this little corner of the internet on a more regular basis. As always, I'd love it if you came along this journey that is this blog, my life and whatever the hell is going on in it and the world in general.


Eloise said...

I love anything with sequins! Looking fab in these photos annnnd good luck with your masters! xx

Jess said...

What gorgeous photos! They're so atmospheric, I think your purple makeup and the pink of your headband looks amazing against the stark white of the snow. I'm jealous of your snow - we haven't had very much in Scotland. I remember my blogging schedule got really messed up when I started my masters, I never manage to post regularly anymore but I think that's okay. Sometimes life just gets in the way I hope you have an amazing time in London, and I'm jealous of your move to Portugal!! It will be such a big change for you, from the cold to the heat xx


Laura Jones said...

Eloise - i do too, haha! and thank you so much, dear! xx

Jess - thank you, jess darling! you always leave the loveliest comments. i feel like we didn't have that much snow in finland, but maybe it will (or has) arrived now that i'm away. not complaining though, the change to portugal has been quite alright! i feel like it's okay to post when you want to/have time as well:-) and thanks, london was great! xxx


Honestly I think everyone goes through patches of not having any time to blog, I know I do. It's difficult but also people are more understanding than I always think they'll be at least! x

Laura Jones said...

TAPEPARADE - definitely, i think so too! for me it's become a bit of a habit and even though i never intend or want to be apologetic about it, i always end up being so, haha! xx

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