Wednesday, 25 January 2017

through the years: january

Let's get right into it (as if I had never been gone at all)! These are one of my favourite posts to write, it is just so much fun looking through old posts and pictures. Fun, nostalgic and cringey. Here's what I've been wearing in the Januarys of 2010s:

2011: Ah, my school uniform days. Wearing tiny vests used to be such a thing - at least for me. So was wearing bows in my hair! And I was such a rule breaker, not wearing black trousers. I do like this outfit because I liked wearing the uniform. And I do still wear these trousers sometimes when I'm at my mum's.

2012: Again, I still have these shorts (and the hat!). I don't wear them that much though, but am still glad I made them. Five years ago. (Genuinely none of these seem to be from that long ago.) This was definitely not an outfit I ever even wore, I was just photographing the teddy bear shorts.. Also, could I unbotton this shirt more, eh?

2013: Aw, in my raincoat in Roundhay. I still wear the faux fur hat in winter, I still wear the raincoat when it rains, I still wear the mittens. Such a basic outfit, but I feel like I used to wear this or something similar often in my first year at uni!

2014: This I would not mind wearing again either, as I still wear the coat and the hat. I feel like my outerwear hasn't changed much at all through the years.

2015: I chose these two outfits. One because it's something I wore all the time - then and now. Both the coat and the dress are something I basically wear on a weekly basis. Two because it's January and I'm not wearing tights or leggings or anything. Literally how? You can't even see the actual outfit, a dress, (and I only have the coat in my wardrobe at the minute) but it baffles me that this has been something I've had on in a January in Leeds during the day.

2016: I'd forgotten about this outfit! I was really into it last year, but have since thrown the top and the skirt away. I'll have to find new ways to style the vest, though, because I love it. Making these posts is also a great way of finding pieces I don't wear that much or have forgotten about and remembering to use them more!

2017: And here's what I wore this month, this year. Check out the post if you haven't yet! :-)

It was so strange that I've almost been in a different country - or at least city - every January! There's pictures from Scotland, Germany, different places in England and different places in Finland here. And even as I was writing this, I was on a coach en route to Helsinki from where I continued to my current location in London and will later leave for Lisbon. January seems to be the month I travel every year!



I love these posts of yours ! Such an original idea :) Interesting that you travel mostly during January, I think that is the one time of year that I don't travel much at all..! I never seem to go anywhere in January, for me it's a big month for like rooting myself in work and getting goals/ideas for the year pegged down. xx

Laura Jones said...

TAPEPARADE - ah, so good to hear you like them, chicken! i never thought it was when i travel, but somehow i've ended up in a different place every january every year! maybe it's because one of my goals every year tends t be to travel more, haha. xx

Norma R. Harris said...

i like this all pictures in the post. this is the awesome post

Laura Jones said...

Norma R. Harris - thank you very much, pet! x

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