Tuesday, 29 December 2015

project 365: 274-306 / OCTOBER MEGA POST

274: Lil' pies and and Christmas lights. I'm usually the kind of Grinch who gets annoyed when Christmas is started before December, but this year we had our first Christmas lights put up the first of October.. Then again, what's the difference between Christmas lights and fairy lights anyway?

275: I've always knitted but lately I've done it a bit more frequently. I have lots of time on my hands now that I'm unemployed, so there's time to be crafty:--)

276: Got a text from mum that she was about to come home with guests and she asked me to bake something. I obliged and made a plum cake and some pigs in blankets with home-made pastry!

277: Kitchen details. (I'm not sure if I ever talked about how my mum moved while I was at uni, so I'm living in a new house now.)

278:  My wee squirrel eating huge 'shrooms.

279: I was feeling poorly and taught mum how to make pumpkin soup for me.

 280: Cleaning day and all that.

281: Not the worst sky.

282: I made a table out of a milk pail and a darts board, haha.

283: Northern lights and accidentally got the Orionid meteor shower in the picture, too! I've been really into astronomy and trying to get a little better at night-time photography. And even if I'm not taking photos, I like to go and do a bit of stargazing and am outside on most clear nights.

284: Got my old typewriter out!

285: Lingonberries.

286: Went to a birthday party, looked fancy, you can't really see it.

287: How could you not be obsessed with squirrels when they're so cute and pretty (and will bite your fingers off if you get too close)? Just the right amount of beauty and feistiness.

288: Pumpkin pie!

289: Uno. I did say that I've been forcing people to play it with me on most days..

290: Pyjama day:-)

291: Another birthday party. And a close-up too close.

292: I got some new yarn that has sequins in it. I have no clue as to what to use it for!

293: My favourite doughnuts.

294: Duvet days.

295: Such a pretty sunset.

296: We made our first Christmas tarts in October, haha.

297: Reading children's books and eating doughnuts.

298: The wildlife you can spot just from our window is great. Squirrels are obviously my favourite, but I don't mind seeing  great spotted woodpeckers either (that's what I think these are, I'm no ornithologist). On another note, I've also seen a lil' fox now in December, and I don't think I'd seen other foxes than London city foxes before this!

299: A rare occurrence; I went for a walk. It was really foggy and this looked like a ghost island.

300: My cousin's daughter had her 1st birthday so I drew her a card.

301: Baby food -  my favourite.

302: My mum asked me to come and see this butterfly she'd "never seen before" and showed me this moth. What a weirdo.

303: Rewatching Downton with mum!

304: Leftovers for dinner.

305: Car journeys in frosty landscapes.

306: Visiting graves on All Saints'. (We celebrate All Saints' Day on the last of October, I think, and don't know if it's really that much of a thing elsewhere, or even in Finland now that Halloween is getting bigger all around the world.)

That was my October. And you'd probably be more interested in hearing about what I did during Christmas or what I plan to do on New Years, but that's about to happen in just a few posts, just you wait! And I'll get back to regular posting next year after mega posting, ha! Catch you later!

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